Through meticulous and dedicated efforts, MEDIAPIX has gradually become a leading SEO agency in Kenya. We ensure a cost-effective and effective SEO campaign for our clients. We strive hard to help business entities to scale great heights beyond their expectations with our SEO services which are precisely custom-tailored according to the business and its peculiarities which helps us to connect with the right audience and weed out unusable leads. Consult with us or check our track record to know more about our SEO agency offerings. We ensure exemplary results through custom-designed SEO marketing and unique strategies

Rank higher in Google search and beat the competition

All our offerings including SEO services in AFRICA are crafted with a client-centric concept. We can guarantee fructuous results through our products and services.

We Are Data-Driven

We determine the processes and way forward only after analyzing the data available. A data driver SEO company, we have been producing meticulous marketing campaigns with processes developed pursuing this ideology.

High Conversion Rates

Mediapix assures you of a high conversion rate. Implementing SEO tact based on the customer group, after understanding their perceptions and views, make our strategies successful. This makes us the ideal SEO company for you.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of the SEO marketing campaign and institution of measures for improvement offered by us would keep your website well ahead of the rivals. Methodical and consistent tracking of digital marketing is assured by the proficient Intersmart team.

Why Choose Us

The Google algorithm is constantly updating. Now more than ever, you need a search engine optimisation agency you can trust. For over 10 years, Iconic Digital has been leading the charge in our sector. Our case studies evidence huge returns, both in increased traffic and in sales leads as a result of our SEO work.

On-page Optimisation

What changes can you make to your website to improve its position in search rankings? We are experts in on-page optimisation and we understand what makes search engines tick. From links and tagging to semantics, content quality and analysing your website against key ranking factors, we will work with you to devise an optimisation strategy based on SEO best practice that will deliver real results.

Link Building

If you’re looking to boost referral and organic traffic, link building from relevant and authoritative sites is going to be essential. We can take the manual work out of link building, managing the process and enabling you to take advantage of smart tools and techniques that are quick and effective. Leverage innovation in link building, to help increase traffic to your site and grow your client base.

Technical SEO

Effective technical SEO is an essential component in improving your online traffic. We can carry out a comprehensive technical audit of your website so that it is optimised for search engines. Focusing on performance, indexing and crawlability, we will help you to ensure that it is simple for your web content to be processed by search engines and that it can be displayed correctly on every device.

Local SEO

Almost half of all searches online now have local intent, which makes local SEO even more crucial to master. We will design a bespoke SEO strategy for your business that integrates all the tools available to ensure your website is found for local search phrases. From creating campaigns to measuring and tracking performance, work with us to improve the opportunities that are available for your business to get found locally online.