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Google Ads & PPC Management Agency in Africa

Take your lead generation to the next level with Paid Ads on Google and Meta

A focused ad campaign can be totally transformative, significantly increasing traffic to your website in a short space of time. Boost return on your investment in paid ads with ultra-targeted campaigns that integrate key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google and align with business goals to achieve engagement and reach.

Converting website visitors into sales leads requires specific expertise

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has transformed the way marketers generate sales leads. As a certified Google Ads partner, Iconic Digital has a specialist Paid Media team who have the knowledge and expertise to increase lead generation. We also recommend Social Ads across the Meta ecosystem – including Facebook and Instagram Ads to generate sales enquiries.

Creative Team

Using the latest AI tools, MEDIAPIX manage your paid advertising proactively. Analysing the keyword data and trends, we can successfully determine which keywords are likely to result in the greatest return. In addition, our extensive marketing attribution model works behind the scenes to optimise your paid advertising spend, reducing the Cost Per Click (CPC) wherever possible. This results in more leads for less money and achieves zero wastage of precious advertising budgets!

Managed Google Ads Search & Display

PPC should be proactively managed. it takes time and effort to deal with keyword phrases, structured campaigns, optimised Ads and building new landing pages. We can provide a managed Google Ads service that will help you to get more from your Google Adwords campaign – and generate better results.

Managed Facebook Advertising

More than 2 billion people around the world currently use Facebook, so this is an essential advertising platform to reach your audience. However, using the Meta Business Manager can be complex and you could end up wasting precious resources. Iconic Digital provides a fully managed Facebook advertising service that includes monitoring campaigns, transparent reporting and a focus on ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Converting website visitors into sales leads requires specific expertise. CRO is the process of enhancing the customer experience using workflows and sales funnels to encourage prospects to click through to your conversion goals, MEDIAPIX will work with you to define your audience, analyse and design your landing pages, measure and test performance, all which deliver real, tangible results!

Lead Tracking & Analytics

Measuring the behaviour of traffic to your website is crucially important to your online success. Iconic Digital use a combination of Google Analytics 4.0 and Google360 to assess your website visitors. We also implement bespoke lead tracking software which uses smart AI, web beacons and reverse IP lookup to identify prospects. This enables you to nurture prospects through your sales funnel.