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MediaPix Limited is a public relation and marketing agency focusing on company’s corporate communication with an aim of building its brand image. The firm primary focuses in East Africa with offices in Kenya and Tanzania. We provide tailored consulting and advisory in matters related to advertising, marketing and public relation to government institutions, private sector, industry associations, non profits and international institutions.

We believe how organizations position themselves is key to their success, and therefore we employ our vast expertise and knowledge to progress our clients’ needs by broadening their reach across the market.

What we do

As an international company engaged in communication, advertising and public relations, MediaPix provides marketing consulting services for the private and public sector.

We work in the interest of our clients to ensure clarity through a comprehensive approach is understood by all segments of society. MediaPix staff has extensive public affairs experience garnered through its widespread campaign and media experience worldwide. Our clients receive tailored services in media relations, advertising, branding, communications, profile development, corporate and public diplomacy.

what we offer

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PR Management

Each day is dedicated to our clients that believe in us. This elevated relationship empowers us to deliver smart, innovative and authentic campaigns that achieve tangible business goals.


MediaPix is for marketers who believe that outstanding creativity creates a higher-performing company. We love doing great work for great brands.


People make decisions based on emotions and then back-fill with facts. Behavioral science tells us this is true. We get you to success by finding out “what’s in it for them” first.

Website Development

We have experience in all facets of web development to help our clients reach their full potential. Put your business online, earn more sales and discover more leads.

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